Who is "LIFELINE" exactly?

Lifeline is a program that is operated by Generations Church in Nanaimo, BC. 
Generations Church has been around in Nanaimo since 1923, and has been a huge part of our community. It's also a Registered Charity with the Canada Revenue Agency. As a program of Generations Church, Lifeline operates under this same charitable designation.


Does that mean "LIFELINE" is a religious program?

No. Lifeline is a non-religious program. It's slogan, "Help, hope and love with no strings attached," captures the heartbeat of what we do. Our volunteers and partners come from all kinds of religious and non-religious backgrounds with one common vision: to help kids.

Operating as a program of Generations Church, with direct oversight from the board, allows Lifeline access to all of the things we need to keep things running in a healthy way:  clear financial reports, best-practice policies, and emergency resources. 


When I give to "LIFELINE", am I actually supporting Generations Church?

Funds that are designated to Lifeline are protected funds that can only be used for Lifeline programs and operations. They cannot be used for other purposes (i.e.: religious programming, etc.).