Coming to school hungry isn't right.

No one is as focused as they want to be when their stomach is rumbling. Yet, this can happen for many reasons. Maybe you woke up late and forgot your lunch. Or maybe your family hasn’t had time to go grocery shopping. Or maybe, the only reason it's happening is because your family has to choose between paying the rent or buying groceries. No matter what the reason is, we want to help - we believe that no kid should come to school hungry.

Lifeline has been making a difference for hungry kids since 2010.

In addition to our continual free snacks and meals served out of the Lifeline Livingroom, hungry kids at Lifeline Schools have access to a backpack full of food they can prepare themselves, and bring home to their families, “no-questions-asked”.

Our partnership with Loaves & Fishes (our community Food Bank in Nanaimo) and the relationship of trust that Lifeline Staff have with students makes this incredible program possible.